Yay for Alcohol (markers): Blendabilities for the Birds


My attempts at playing around with Blendabilities.  So far, I think I have mastered the color yellow!  (Er, the Daffodil Delight assortment, if we are being all technical.)

I attribute my success to my unwillingness to work very hard at coloring, and therefore choosing a stamp set with a very small area to marker up.  (Not looking at you, Blended Bloom!)  This seems to make blending much easier.

Also, I love this stamp set–For the Birds.  It has birds doing various things (like standing on top of each other!) with appropriate sentiments underneath, which makes life easy for me when I need to thank someone for their support but don’t want to do that thing where I spend five hours trying to make a unique! and handcrafted! card and give up in frustration and then its five weeks later and the supportive person still has not been thanked for their support.