Fancying up the Good as Gold card kit


Finally figured out the secret to making the Sale-A-Bration card kit not boring:

1. inkpads + sponges

2. a decidedly unfair distribution of the kit contents


I started by going wild with sponge daubers and inking up the front of the cards with Calypso CoralCrushed Curry, Bermuda Bay and Rich Razzleberry.  And then doing the same with the little arrow shaped tags.

But the key thing, I think, is to get over the idea that because the card kit comes with 8 cards and 8 sets of sentiment tags and 8 gold foil tags and 8 pieces of gold cord, that each card surely deserves to have one of each.

No!  Play favorites!  Stick all the tags on one card:


(the kit comes with a tags that say “thank you” and “for you” in some different languages, so there are a lot of leftovers–turn them over to the blank side, tart them up with sponges and ink, and pile them on your Special Favorite Card)

And then do the same thing with the gold cord–way more fun when I realized I didn’t have to just tie it in a nice boring bow at the top of the card!  Instead, I could hoard them and wrap them into spirals and stick three or four of them onto a card in a glorious orgy of impractical embellishments!


(but they are actually a bit impractical–I had to slide it into the envelope very slowly and carefully, and really this sort of card can only be sent to someone who will put up with you yelling at them to be careful while they open a card you made for them in gratitude for their many kindnesses to you.  Like putting up with your card-related warning yelps.)



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  1. samantha says:

    so pretty!!!

  2. carole says:

    What a great idea! Or, bunch of several ideas! I’ve got several of these kits that I didn’t know what to do with – and was stuck “in the box.” Thanks for opening the door!